Linen Barrel Lampshades
Linen Barrel Lampshades

Linen Barrel Lampshades

Linen Barrel Lampshade 25cm x 45cm
25 cm(W) x 45 cm(H) x 25 cm(D)
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Linen Barrel Lampshade 31cm x 55cm
31 cm(W) x 55 cm(H) x 31 cm(D)
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Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Handmade Handmade
These elegant linen lampshades are the perfect accessory for any natural themed interior. They also compliment our eclectic range of stylish standing and table lamps. Each piece is handmade from natural linen. These shade can also be used on ceiling lights and give a soft ambient feel with a good amount of light.

This product is part of the Accessories range.

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