Cuba Sheesham Dining Table

Cuba Sheesham Dining Table (135cm)
135 cm(W) x 76 cm(H) x 90 cm(D)
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Cuba Sheesham Dining Table (175cm)
175 cm(W) x 76 cm(H) x 90 cm(D)
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Product Detail
A classic dining table from the Cuba Sheesham Range. Available in two sizes and made entirely from solid Sheesham wood with a rich honey finish. Requires simple home assembly.

This product is part of the Cuba Sheesham range.

Specification & Materials

100% solid sheesham wood finished in a light honey stain with a glossy lacquer. No MDF or plywoods are used anywhere, even on drawer bases and backs.

Simply clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Polish occasionally with bees wax.

Our solid sheesham furniture is hand-waxed, so always used coasters and avoid strong sources of heat.

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